Dear friends and colleagues,
We are pleased to announce that in 2015, for the 7th time, we will organize our gathering - the "WATER & FISH" conference, in order to present newest research results, exchange knowledge and experience, to socialize and enjoy ourselves.

Venue is the same - Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, next to the Zemun quayside - the most beautiful promenade near the Danube in Belgrade.According to the conference title, the main topics are water and fish. Welcomed are all those interested in or studying aquatic environment and aquatic organisms, aquaculture, fishery, etc.


As usual, the best scientists from the sector, representatives from different countries, associations, institutions, and projects will participate as lecturers. Again our conference is supported by EAS (European Aquaculture Society) and PASTI (Pan-Hellenic Society of Technologists Ichthyologists), the conference being part of the EU FP7 project AREA.




Date and venue:
June, 10-12, 2015. Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia


Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Serbia


Apart from invited speakers from Serbia and the world, contributions from all interested scientists and professionals are welcomed.


Official languages:
English, Serbian (as well as regional, ex-yu, languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Slovenian). Simultaneous translation of the oral presentations will be provided.


Paper presentation:
Oral or poster presentation, according to the wish of the author. Final decision will be given by the Scientific Committee.



June 25th, 2015

Starting from today, you can download Conference proceeding from the VII International Conference Water & Fish 2015. Link is available in the section below.


June 1st, 2015

Second announcement is published on our site, where you can find all the relevant information about the conference. You can download it here.


January 27th, 2015

The list of invited speakers is now available, and you can read it in the section Topics.

Second Announcement

Conference proceedings

You can download proceedings from last three conferences by clicking on the icons below:


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2011 Aquaculture & Fishery 2009 (4.3 MB)


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