The Faculty of Agriculture

Established almost 100 years ago, the Faculty of Agriculture University of Belgrade ( is the largest Agricultural faculty in Serbia and the Balkans, with 4.500 students and 500 employees. It is one of the 31 faculties of the University of Belgrade (

Water & Fish will be held in the building of the Faculty in Zemun, the "old" part built in a representative academic style of the thirties of the last century and a new part built 50 years later.


Zemun is a Belgrade ( municipality since 1934, it is situated on the right bank of the Danube, near the mouth of the Sava River. Inhabitants of Zemun (near 160.000) have a special mentality, since Zemun has a complete infrastructure, they are proud to be citizens of a "city within the city".


CEFAH - Centre for Fishery and Applied Hydrobiology
"Little Danube" of the experimental school estate Radmilovac


CEFAH "Little Danube" is a nicely arranged within the area of the legacy of the family Vukicevic, Building of the centre started from 2007 owing to the enthusiasm of the professors, collaborators and students. The research team for Aquaculture and Applied Hydrobiology of the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, with the assistance of international and national projects, Institutions, and people of good will - donators, realized the creation of the Centre.


The purpose of CEFAH is to attain and maintain a sustainable training model - Centre for education, training, and research in the field of aquatic ecosystems, their ecology, as well as their use for ecological production of aquatic organisms, by constantly improving research competitiveness and developing effective knowledge transfer to the community in order to serve to the needs of the society and all stakeholders, and become the leading research and education institution in the field of fishery and applied hydrobiology in Serbia and the region.


Location of the CEFAH

Belgrade, municipality of Grocka, village Vinca, ~ 10 km from the centre of Belgrade

Smederevski put b.b.

Experimental school estate "Radmilovac" Faculty of Agriculture University of Belgrade


Conference secretary:
Bozidar Raskovic


Institute of Animal Science
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade
Nemanjina 6, Zemun
11080 Belgrade


+381 11 316 84 99




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