"Little Danube" water course - a living model of the river Danube more than 1000 m long, established in the bed of the former extremely polluted stream Sugavac. Sugavac waste water is first partly purified using a constructed wetland, and then introduced in the piping. The water bed of the creek was cleaned and naturally prearranged. Water in the Little Danube originate from the well 120 m deep, rising from the constructed springhead of the Little Danube as it is in the case of genuine Danube raising in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald).

The upper part of the Centre named "Little Danubian wilderness" occupy the left and right woodland banks of the upstream part of the Little Danube, its surface area of approximately 7 ha will be available for visitors in 2014.

The middle part of the Little Danube flows through the central part of the Faculty School Estate Radmilovac. On its right bank there is a Wine and spirits cellar, Degustation room where a "Students" and "Rectors" wine can be tasted, as well as tomato jam, fruit juices, fruits - varieties of apples, peaches and apricots. On the left bank there is a "Honey valley" where bees grazing around Radmilovac make the famous faculty brand of honey.



The downstream part of the Little Danube flows through the mid part of CEFAH.
Little Danube occupy an area of about 5 ha, open to visitors. It consists of:


- 18 experimental fish ponds

- 3 angling lakes

- Broodstock lake where broodstock fish is reared

- Lake "Little Djerdap accumulation" with a fish natural spawning site

- Lake with aquatic plants exhibition

- Building of the Center for fishery and applied hydrobiology consisting of two halls, surface area of about 300 m2, with a lot of tanks, aquaria, a robot system for fish feeding, a modern system for water quality control in the tanks and outdoor ponds, equipment for controlled reproduction and selective breeding, fish culture, and realization of experiments with aquatic organisms

- Wooden cabin - public aquarium, surface area of over 70 m2, with displayed coldwater and warmwater fish species living in the Danube and its tributaries

- An island with fisherman`s cabin - fishery museum

- Fairway zone, for navigation in wooden boats

- Summer wooden classroom with roof of reeds

- "Wisdom" corner

- Ponds with ornamental fish species (koi carp with specter of colors)

- An area (a zoo park in construction) with aquatic species of birds that live in the Danube area

- Small fountains and rivulets

- And a lot more...


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