Following people are members of CEFAH team:


Head of the Centre:


Dr. Zoran Markovic, Full Professor




Dalibor Vukojevic, Professional Associate - Head of the production


Milos Pusica, laborer


Nenad Zivkovic, laborer


Centre members from Faculty of Agriculture:


Dr. Vesna Poleksic, Full Professor


Dr. Zorka Dulic, Associate Professor


Dr. Marko Stankovic, Assistant Professor


Dr. Bozidar Raskovic, Assistant Professor


Zorica Radovic, Technical Assistant


Ljubica Todoric, Technical Assistant


Centre members from Faculty of Biology:


Dr. Ivana Zivic, Associate Professor


Dr. Katarina Stojanovic, Assistant Professor


Centre members - PhD students:


Gavrilo Bozic


Milenka Bozanic


Aleksandar Peric



ISI Web of Science publications (2009-2017):




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International projects (2003 - 2017):


2014 - 2018 Swimming of fish and implications for migration and aquaculture - FITFISH (Food and Agriculture COST Action FA1304) - MC members


2013 - 2016 7th Framework Programme, Advancing research in agricultural and food sciences at Faculty of agriculture, University of Belgrade - AREA (FP7-REGPOT-2012-2013-1) - Partners


2013 - 2014 Applying cutting-edge stereological methods for evaluating the histology and histopathology of the liver of carp fed vegetable oils of different origin - Bilateral project with Republic of Portugal


2013 - 2016 TEMPUS, Building capacity of Serbian agricultural education to link with society, CaSA (544072-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-RS-TEMPUS-SMHES 2013-4604/001-001) - Coordinators


2008 - 2011 7th Framework Programme, Reinforcement of Sustanable Aquaculture - ROSA (FP7-REGPOT-2007-3) - Coordinators


2007 - 2008 Support to the Fishery Sector in Serbia and Montenegro, European Agency for Recontruction, No. 05MON02 01 003 - Partners


2005 - 2007 6th Framework Programme (JNCO calls for Waster Balkan countries) Water Resources Strategies and Drought Alleviations in Western Balkan Agriculture - Partners


2005 - 2007 Scientific cooperation between Serbia and Norway concerning planning and establishing a genetic improvement programme for carp in Serbia, and to transfer knowledge within genetics and selective breeding- project between Faculty of agriculture, University of Belgrade and Aquaforsk, Institute of Aquaculture Research, As, Norway - Partners


2001 - 2004 Establishment of cooperation in the field of Agriculture and Fisheries - project between Faculty of agriculture, University of Belgrade and Aquaforsk, Institute of Aquaculture Research, As, Norway - Partners


National projects (2003 - 2017):

2011 - 2017 Improvement of production capacities of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) with nutrition and selection programes (TR 31075) - Coordinators


2008 - 2010 Improvement of semi-intensive production of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in sustainable aquaculture (TR 20047) - Coordinators


2005 - 2008 Improvement of feeding technology of common carp (Cyprinus caprio Linn.) and rainbow trout(Oncorhynchus mykiss Wal.) in sustainable aquaculture (TR 006903) - Coordinators


2002 - 2004 Unconventional animal production (BTR 5.05.0541) - Partners

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